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FCC Releases Open Internet Public Notice

September 1st, 2010 by John Leibovitz - Deputy Chief, Wireless Telecommunications Bureau, FCC

By John Leibovitz and Don Stockdale

Over the last several months, Commission staff has pored over the extensive record of public comments we received in response to the Open Internet Notice of Proposed Rulemaking.  The discussion generated by the Open Internet proceeding appears to have narrowed disagreement on many of the key elements of the framework proposed in NPRM, including those that would prohibit broadband providers from blocking lawful online content, applications, and services, and would require providers to disclose their network management practices so that consumers and the Commission can be sure that the Internet remains an open platform for innovation, investment, and freedom of speech.

Today the Wireline Competition Bureau and the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau issued a Public Notice that asks specific questions about two issues that would benefit from further development in the record: (1) The relationship between open Internet protections and services provided over the same last-mile facilities as broadband Internet access service (often called “managed” or “specialized “ services); and (2) The application of open Internet rules to mobile wireless Internet access services.  These issues are among the most complex in the open Internet proceeding, and recent events as well as insights gleaned from public comments have raised additional questions for the Commission to consider.

We look forward to receiving your input in the weeks ahead.

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