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Tomorrow’s Open Meeting

October 21st, 2009 by Gray Brooks

Zac Katz, Deputy Chief of the Office of Strategic Planning and Policy Analysis, discusses the upcoming Open Commission Meeting and Notice of Proposed Rule Making on preserving an Open Internet:

  1. Adam Miller says:

    Ending net neutrality would be quite possibly the worst mistake in a long, sad history of bad mistakes. I can appreciate this message but you’ll have to forgive me if I don’t trust ANYONE in government right now. I’m just sharing my 2 cents. Net neutrality is paramount in preserving what little remains of our once great Republic’s last vestiges of free & open interaction.

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  2. Mark Rushing says:

    It is very encouraging that the FCC appears willing to take the crucial steps necessary to ensure the Internet remains a fair, free and accessible landscape for individuals and organizations to communicate. It is encouraging to imagine a government agency working in the best interest of the people it represents, rather than solely in the interest of monetary stakeholders, whose goal is not the best interests of people, but rather their own benefit.

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