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Ideascale Policy

In addition to the usual methods for filing electronic comments, the Commission is allowing comments, reply comments, and ex parte comments in this proceeding to be filed by posting comments on http://blog.openinternet.gov and http://openinternet.ideascale.com. Accordingly, persons wishing to examine the record in this proceeding should examine the record on ECFS, http://blog.openinternet.gov and http://openinternet.ideascale.com.

Posting, commenting and voting on ideas at Ideascale now requires users to log in. This change was made in response to concerns that settings that allowed anonymous posting may also have allowed users to vote more than once on the same idea.

Ideascale Policy

Moderation Policy

This online dialogue allows you the opportunity to fill out custom text fields, which are publicly visible. The site operates a moderation policy. Comments which include any of the following may be removed from the public site:

  • Threats or incitements to violence
  • Obscenity
  • Duplicate posts
  • Posts revealing your own or others’ sensitive/personal information (e.g., Social Security numbers)
  • Information posted in violation of law, including libel, condoning or encouraging illegal activity, revealing classified information, or comments which might affect the outcome of ongoing legal proceedings
  • Promotion of commercial services or products;
  • Spam

Moreover, while we invite open participation and diverse viewpoints to be shared, the main goal of this dialogue is to promote discussion on the Open Internet NPRM. Moderators therefore reserve the right to move posts which are not “on topic” or do not address some aspect of that question to the Off Topic Comments page. Topics that are considered off comment include but are not limited to discussions of policy issues not directly addressed by the Open Internet NPRM.

Commenters should be aware that in reaching decisions on this matter, the FCC will consider the comment submitted but will not consider the number of votes received.

Privacy Policy

We are committed to ensuring the privacy of our users. This dialogue does require you to submit an e-mail address when posting, responding to or ranking a comment. We will not display this e-mail address on the site.  Posters should be aware that although their email address will not be posted, it will be publicly available for inspection upon request. Other information gathered when creating your profile is made visible to other visitors to the site as part of your profile. Text entered in these publicly visible fields may be subject to post-moderation (see moderation policy).

Additional data, such as what pages on the site you’ve visited and the length of time you visited them, is collected anonymously for the purposes of analyzing visitor traffic; none of this data can be associated with your individual user identity within the dialogue. This data may be made available to visitors of the website, developers, and dialogue sponsor organizations including but not limited to those within the federal government.